About Us

The Midlothian Day Parade is organized by the Midlothian Foundation. The foundation is active throughout the year fostering unity, family bonding, and social togetherness among all ages, races and ethnicities in our community. The Midlothian Day Parade, the largest of its kind in Midlothian, is rich in history, character and entertainment. The Midlothian Day Parade has delighted children of all ages for 20 years. Scheduled every year on the 3rd Saturday in October, the event celebrates the Midlothian Community, its residents, leaders, businesses, and organizations. Those individuals and groups express themselves through the use of stunning floats, giant balloons, colorful clowns, marching bands, marching, dancing, and other creative means.

This parade has something for everyone. A growing number of thousands attend each year. This parade attracts local tourists, as well as visitors from around the world. The Midlothian Day Parade is a great way to get to know your community. The Midlothian Foundation works hard to ensure that you have the opportunity to participate in the parade and demonstrate to the Midlothian community the gifts you bring to the table. With your help this signature event will continue to thrill spectators with the old-fashioned spirit of magic and fun that is the hallmark of a great American community.

Previous Parade Grand Marshals

Since 2006, the Midlothian Parade has been fortunate to have had many important local individuals as grand marshal of the Parade.